No. The warranty is enforced by law. Also we have your interest at heart and will ensure we meet the manufacturer’s service requirements and enforce warranty items the Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM may have overlooked.

Direct from the OEM part supply centers they are required to sell parts to independent companies.

Actually all the OEM’s throughout the continental USA employ from local labor pools as do the neighboring independents. So, in fact the difference is not who is a “Factory technician” but who is “Factory trained”! Our field service technicians are Factory trained on Trane, Carrier, York, McQuay and Johnson Furthermore, this is performed on a remedial basis often throughout an OEM’s product line. It is our experience that the local OEM’s provide less factory training than most may think! Please ask, it is important.
Our library consists of literally hundreds of technical OEM service guides and specifications on products and they are available from the OEM at our request.
The answer to this question is more interesting in the first statement…the choice? Yes as independents, first and foremost we can simply be impartial. Therefore if a particular Original Equipment Manufacturer excels in a specific product we can comfortably and freely offer and justify this to our client. This is a level of latitude and diversification simply not offered to the client by the OEM, as they must market their product offerings.