As an independent contractor we can provide the best solution for you without regard to manufacture, we can help you determine the most cost effective energy saving solution to your older HVAC systems. By analyzing your facility equipment performance and your requirements, we can create a plan together that makes good sense. Either repair, modernization, or replacement. This plan would include helping you with your capital budgeting.


Chiller upgradesChiller Energy Performance Testing

  • We provide operational performance testing of chillers and total chiller plant operations.
  • This includes real time energy efficiency (KW/ton) performance analysis.
  • With this combined information we then run computerized performance analysis of the data.
  • This will then allow us to give you a cost/benefit solution maximizing energy efficiency.

Chiller Plant Optimization

  • Review delta T set points and system stability, which can make your chillers and cooling towers use more energy.
  • Review chiller operating design parameters for overall plant requirements.
  • Review chilled water blending issues, which make your chillers use more energy.
  • Review valve operation and control in your piping system, Including proper location and purpose.
  • Review pump operation, for balanced system water flows.
  • This will then allow us to give you a cost/benefit solution maximizing energy efficiency.


Chiller control panelsIn addition to reaching out across the HVAC industry to find solutions for specific applications we also offer the following:

VersaDrive Chiller Optimization Package

  • This state of the art package, comprised of a highly efficient variable speed drive coupled with a user friendly, microprocessor based touch screen control panel, is designed for existing chillers regardless of brand/manufacturer or size.
  • Now you can reduce your energy costs by applying the VersaDrive retrofit to your existing chiller.
  • The result – an annual average energy savings of up to 30%.
  • These savings are possible because no constant speed centrifugal chiller can match the performance of the VersaDrive retrofitted machine under real-world operating conditions.

MCS Obsolete Chiller Control Panel Replacement
You have an investment in chillers and have a choice for control panels. The benefits of MCS Chiller controls are:

  • Not held hostage by the Chiller Manufacture
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Flexible Communication Protocols
  • Windows® Local & Remote Communications
  • High Level Program Access
  • Training Available
  • Serviceability
  • Ease of Use
  • Expandable
  • Made in the USA

Delta Controls

  • Integrated suite of seamless native BACnet HVAC, Access and Lighting Control products
  • Simplified Top to Bottom native BACnet architecture from sensor thermostat to system controller
  • Simplified Operator Workstation Software delivering a one-stop solution to the facilities manager in all vertical market segments (Auto discovery, Drag & Link)
  • Simplified creation of web pages
  • Simplified solution: Flexible, adaptable, programmable, scaleable, expandable

Arctic Cool Turbocor® Chillers

  • Turbocor® Compressor technology
    • Lowest sustainable part load energy consumption.
    • Totally Oil-Free Operation. No oil to degrade system.
    • Very Limited Maintenance. Over 25,000 worldwide.
    • Lowest Noise – 70 dBA. Virtually no vibration.
    • Environmentally responsible green approach.
  • High efficiency variable speed configuration
  • Water Cooled Chillers up to 60 to 1,400tons
  • Air Cooled Chillers from 60 to 420 tons
  • Modular Chiller Range
  • Compact Modules can fit through doors and up elevators into tight spaces
  • Evaporator/Condenser design allow for ease of tube cleaning

Condenser Fan Pack for Air Cooled Chillers

  • Fits your specific air-cooled chiller
    • Simple-to-use selection tool
  • Simple panel installation
    • Bolt-on panel for retrofit applications
  • Easy commissioning and start-up
    • Unit arrives ready to plug and play
    • No software knowledge required for installation
  • Magelis™ Color HMI STU screen
    • Menu-driven operator interface
  • Built to UL® 508A standard
  • Available in 208 – 230 V, and 460 V
  • Optional BAS connectivity via BACnet®, and modbus